The Dallas Catholic Youth Conference is an exciting weekend of prayer, community, and worship that gathers high school teens from throughout the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and beyond.  Teens are invited to deepen their relationship with Jesus through powerful speakers, praise and worship music, vibrant liturgies, recreation, Reconciliation, and Adoration. DCYC provides an opportunity for youth to hear from nationally known dynamic speakers and musicians who bring to life the message of Jesus Christ and challenge youth to live out their faith as his disciples.


Help young disciples get to DCYC by participating in "Donuts for DCYC!" Through Krispy Kreme, this exciting fundraiser will help offset the cost of attending DCYC for youth at St. Anthony. For every dozen you buy, our youth will get $5.00 toward their registration. Our goal is to raise $500, which is the equivalent of about 100 digital dozens!


This could reduce the cost of attending for each youth by at least $25. The cost to attend DCYC can be as much as $250, but with benefactors and fundraising, we can bring that down to $175 per youth, if not even less!


Here's how it works:

1. You buy your digital dozen through our store.

2. Complete your purchase, which will require your email.

3. We will process your order and send your digital dozens along with a message from one of our youth!

4. Once you get your digital dozens "card", you can use it anytime and anywhere - Krispy Kreme even delivers!

5. Tell all your family and friends about how easy it was to order and support the youth at St. Anthony - it's digital so we can even send the digital dozens to Ohio!


Due to the nature of this fundraiser, all sales are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable. According to Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, Digital Dozens cannot be redeemed in Connecticut or Puerto Rico.

Digital Dozens - Donuts for DCYC